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Out of Orderia 2004 - The inferior party!

Can't get any worse? Don't bet on it! Out of order are going from bad to worse with the ninth instalment of their party! As always, all Commodore 64 enthusiasts are invited to end the year with an absolute breadbox highlight. Four days of pure nostaliga with like-minded folks!


  • Exclusive insights into current game projects on the 64
  • First official forum on the future of games on the C64
  • Movie premiere: disclosing the secret of the making of Katakis, the shoot'em up classic!
  • Many myths have been woven about the creation of the legendary shoot'em'up. The V-Concept and Out of Order shed light on the darkness by revealing their "historical documents"!
    Free trailer for download! (WMV, 717 K)

  • Competitions for the creative, for gamers, and more

  • The typical demo/graphics/music/tool and gaming competitions will be held, and we will raise the sales of the chocolate marshmallow industry.

Aaaww... Out of Orderia... how boring!

  • Prove yourself in the only true SID karaoke

  • So-called superstars are not only born on TV - Last year's Out of Orderia has shown that there are some great talents in the C64 scene. Let's hope for a similar success this year - and for a merciful jury (you...)

  • Auction - buy & sell soft- or hardware

  • Once again, Katakis, our approved auctioneer, will mock the articles until you bid horrendous amounts to shut him up! A good opportunity to sell hard- soft- and other wares for a small fortune!

  • Reverend Marius is available for spiritual support!

  • When, where, how?

    • Location: the catholic parsonage in Mühlenweg 1, 55768 Hoppstädten-Weiersbach (near Birkenfeld, between Kaiserslautern and Trier), easy to reach via highway A62 or by train (contact us if you want to be picked up at the station). View map (PDF file)
    • Party place with separate sleeping space, kitchen, WCs, shower and a meadow outside
    • Start: Dec 26, 14.00 End: Dec 29, 18.00
    • The entrance fee is 15 Euros
    • Please register in advance - space is limited
    • Don't forget to bring your cables and multiple sockets!


    Volker Rust, Tel. 0160 / 98692490, email:

    "Next year we'll go to the TUM party!"

    The following people are coming:

    Artie Stolks / CAL / Out of Order
    Catweazle6510 / Hartz IV
    Dejuhra / Anubis / CAL / Digital Talk
    Dizzy Devil / Out of Order / The Stock
    Finchy / Digital Talk
    Jive / Out of Order
    Katakis / Out of Order
    M-ForceR / TVR
    MAC / Radical
    Master AK
    Mr. Quark / Out of Order
    Satan Klaus / Out of Order
    Silverfox / Anubis / AOD
    Taxim / Out of Order / Sanity / Tiger Crew
    Zealot / Out of Order

    The small print:

    The minister of health: "Out of Orderia" is not an ordinary C64-party. Do not enter the sacred orderian halls without adequate preparation: consult your local psychotherapist to get a prescription for OOO, or get an impression of the organized madness in previous years by going either here or here.(5.4 MB each - WMV)!

    Text: Satan Klaus - Logo: MAC/Radical - HTML: Dizzy Devil - Photos: The names have been changed to protect the innocent